“Since my last meeting with Katie Weiser, I have accomplished all the goals set during our coaching sessions. I can still hear Katie saying, talk to the gremlin and tell him he has to leave. The gremlin was my insecure thoughts. By the way, his name was “egghead” and I have shut his mouth. If you are looking for a coach who has the knowledge, patience and the desire to see you succeed, then do not hesitate. I promise: you will not regret it. Thank you Katie. I am doing it!”

Aretha Chatman – Atlanta, GA

“I was in a very dark place at that time in my career and I am so much happier now. I am looking forward to where the future will take me. Thank you again, Katie, your help was extremely important to helping me start to focus on what I really wanted.”

Amy Little – Augusta, GA

 “Working with Katie Weiser has been one of the great pleasures of my life. When we met, my life was in transition. I had relocated to Florida and was lost on how to rebuild my career. I was stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward. With Katie’s support, I was able to re-embrace my confidence and believe in myself again. Katie seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear and when to push me beyond my self-imposed limits. Her compassion and care combined with sound career direction shifted my energy into a place of power. I am now building the business I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you so much Katie!”

Emily Loewenstein – Cape Coral, FL

 “I highly recommend Katie Weiser for her outstanding resume writing skills. After 9 years in the real estate profession, I enlisted Katie’s expertise in re-inventing my resume to become competitive in today’s market. With Katie’s assistance, I feel confident my resume can help me get an interview. I have already recommended Katie as a resource to one of my peers.”

Ginny Covar – Augusta, GA

“I look forward to every session with Katie Weiser because I know she will get me ‘unstuck’ and move me forward. She is great at getting me clear on what I need to do; she helps me set goals and holds my agenda so I stay on track. That’s exactly why I need her as my coach. ”

Farah Ayoubi – Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

“Katie, we definitely met at a time in my life where I had lots of confusion and questions about my identity and the direction of my life. Our initial meeting was surrounded with lots of pressure and confusion. But, from Day 1, you said that somewhere inside of me are clues to my dream job.  I highly doubted you and thought that it would take years to figure it out.  You were right; all along there were clues inside of me that were pointing me towards my next career move. The workbook and your coaching helped me to identify key aspects of both my professional and personal life.  These sessions have been instruments of change and clarity. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Maya Williams – Atlanta, GA

“Katie is both an amazing coach and a person of high moral character.  During our preliminary session, I immediately recognized Katie’s sincere desire to help me in any way possible.  I also quickly discovered her expertise in helping me identify my passions, and how to make those passions become a professional reality.  Most importantly, Katie is invested in the process of her clients’ success, and it is my opinion that her coaching is much more of a Calling than a Career.  I cannot imagine working with anyone more helpful, supportive, and task-oriented than Katie Weiser.  She has my highest level of approval and appreciation.”

David Gosling – Jamaica Plain, MA

Coach Katie’s process is for everyone at anytime in their professional life, but I recommend meeting with her sooner than later.  Before meeting with Katie, I had never taken the time for self reflection to find out what I wanted my career path to be.  I was reactive rather than proactive with my professional decisions.  Katie helped me to discover who I am professionally, who I wanted to be and then helped me chart a new course on a career path that best suited me.  You owe it to yourself to be happy in your profession, and Coach Katie is your best first step toward happiness and fulfillment.”

J.D. McCauley – Augusta, GA

“Katie really challenged me to see areas of improvement and the need for balance in my life.  She also encouraged me to be fearless and a visionary.  Lastly, I appreciated the time spent in creating action items to help me reach my professional goals. Thanks again, Katie!”

Jermaine Thomas – Atlanta, GA

“I feel that I finally have my focus back and have a much better feel for the direction(s) I need to be taking over the next several weeks/months!  Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. ”

Jan Bane – Augusta, GA

Having the workbook was very beneficial because it makes you really dig within yourself to uncover your real passions and desires in life.  It makes you get specific and develop plans to achieve your goals.  Katie did a great job by being engaged, showing genuine interest in helping me clarify my career focus and discovering a couple of options I hadn’t thought of before.  She kept me accountable and gave me a boost of encouragement that let me know I can make this transition that I’ve wanted to make for years.”

Kim Chapman – Atlanta, GA

“My journey with Katie began after recently graduating from college; I was in need of quite a bit of career advice. I had been told, go where your heart desires, but where would that lead me? What would it do for me, both personally and professionally? I was a bit lost about where to begin…enter Katie Weiser. While it was not an easy process, Katie was a constant rock, guiding me through many situations with expert advice, and just the right amount of hard hitting questions, to get at the root of my frustrations to yield positive results. While my career is just starting out, knowing that I have Katie behind me, is great confidence boost.”

Bradley Makow – Montclair, NJ

 “Thank you for the wonderful advice, coaching and focus you have provided over the past few months. You have helped turn my “day dreams” into tangible objectives. I have a much better understanding of what I can control and cannot control in the workplace as well as how that balances in one’s personal life. And most importantly, you have helped me identify my true strengths and provided a path to capitalize on them. I appreciate the time and effort you have invested in me.”

Alan Malone – Decatur, GA

 “I came to you in search of confidence and direction. You delivered in both areas: I left my job and will begin the master’s program in clinical mental health counseling at Georgia Regents University on January 6, 2015. I must believe this would not have happened without your compassionate coaching. Thank you for helping me stretch: I never thought I would go back to school at this stage of my life. Working with you, Katie, was a pleasure. I am happier and healthier than ever. I continue to reflect on and refer to our sessions for guidance. You have my deepest gratitude and respect. Thank you for working with me and guiding me to this new chapter in my life.”

Traci Westin – Evans, GA

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