Individual Coaching

Career Coaching CycleAs a career coach, my clients come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. Therefore, your coaching experience will be highly personalized – tailored specifically to you. We will start with an initial dialogue to clearly define the issues or concerns you are currently experiencing.

We will review your short and long term goals and use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for adapting to the change, making conscious choices and moving forward.


Coaching is done via the telephone or Skype. For those in the Augusta, GA metro area, in-person sessions are offered.







Perfect for New or Encore/Second Career

  • 4-6 sixty minute sessions
  • Workbook with Assignments
  • Unlimited e-mail for additional support
  • Includes ALL three elements of the Career Coaching Cycle:
  • Assess, Explore and Strategize
  • Find out more…







Perfect for Specific Areas of the Career Coaching Cycle Only

  • 1-3 sixty minute sessions
  • Helping you focus on one or two of the elements in the Career Coaching Cycle:
  • Assess, Explore or Strategize


Just one segment , e.g.:

  • Strengthsfinder Assessment
  • Brainstorm Careers
  • Job Search Tips
  • Interview Preparation
  • Find out more…







Perfect for Career Cycle Decisions or In Need of a Leadership Mentor

  • Sixty minute sessions as needed
  • Helping you make informed choices
  • Helping you reach your full potential as a leader
  • Confidential dialogue with someone who has been there, done that
  • Find out more…



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