Thriving in the Midst of Change Audio Training Program

When You Can Thrive In the Midst of Change You Possess a Very Special Ability that
Can Bring You Huge Success in Your Career and Life

Resistance to external changes in your career and life can stop you dead in your tracks.  After all, you didn’t ask for this change to happen.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  Change at work affects our personal lives and change in our personal life affects our work. Both can derail your career.  Change is constant and most change is out of our control. However, change is one of the few things that is a certainty in life.  But despite this fact, very few people are prepared when the inevitable changes take place.


Are you in the midst of any of these career changes that have been forced upon you?

  • You didn’t get the promotion and now have to train the new boss who has come from the outside.
  • You have been asked to take on more responsibility without a pay raise.
  • Your company is going through a merger and you must learn new processes and procedures.
  • You have been asked (more like requested) to transfer to another city.
  • You have been told that the only way you will rise through the ranks is to take a lateral move.
  • You’ve been downsized.
  • You are expected to accept the new changes recommended by the executives in the ivory tower.
  • OR… You are experiencing a personal life change that is beginning to impact your work.

If you had the ability to prepare for changes before they happen, you would have a very enviable and marketable skill…

But, perhaps more importantly, you would be able to better manage the twists and
seemingly unexpected turns of your career and life.

That’s why I’m offering a series of six convenient audios on the topic that will bring you one giant step closer to being one of the few people in the world who actually are able to cope well with change.

Announcing a series of six audios on Thriving in the Midst of Change … Career and Personal

I’ve put together a bundle of six audio recordings on how to make the most of change in your career and life. These audios are packed with advice, including over 25 tips, that you can take and run with so you can work better with the change that is taking place all around you, and even set an example for others experiencing change.

These audios are only 7-10 minutes long, so you can listen to them at your convenience. You’ll be able to make progress very quickly!

Thriving in the midst of change is an ability that will help you in all areas of your life: at home, at work, anywhere change can take place unexpectedly. You’ll be truly amazed at your new reactions to situations that used to stress you out.

The titles for the series of the six Thriving in the Midst of Change … Career and Personal audios are:

  • Audio 1 – Change:  What’s it Really All About?
    • The three phases of the change process
    • Three tips to help you thrive during change
  • Audio 2 – What’s Your Style When it Comes to Change?
    • The four behavior types
    • How the different personality types deal with change
  • Audio 3 – Navigate Through the Transition Phase of Change
    • Five tips on how to navigate through the transition phase
  • Audio 4 – Bouncing Back from Change
    • How to be resilient in the face of change
    • Top ten tips to strengthen your resiliency
  • Audio 5 – Becoming the Best “You” During Change
    • Six tips that will help you become your best self and thrive during change
  • Audio 6 – Helping Others Through Change
    • Help others cope with the difficulties of change
    • Five tips on leading others through change

Thriving in the Midst of Change is a six-part audio series designed to help you understand the phases of change, learn ways to welcome it instead of resist it, and to give you strategies to thrive the next time you encounter a change.

You can easily acquire these skills—all you have to do is listen to one audio per day for six days. These will come to your email inbox so you can listen when it is most convenient for you.

Also, included is a Notetaker for your notes and questions to get you to action. Plus, we have included a transcript of the series.

The amount of takeaways from this information is priceless, but you won’t pay a thing!

These six audios will be delivered to your email inbox absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is to open the email and click on the link. When you do, you’ll be one step closer to managing change better in your life from this day forward!

Get your complimentary series of six audios on Thriving in the Midst of Change.. Career and Life.

You will be so glad you did!

To Your Career Success,

Katie Weiser

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