Love Your Career All Over Again?

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One of my favorite HGTV shows is “Love It or List It”.  The two conceptual questions are:

  1. What changes could be made to your home by a professional designer, based upon your pre-determined budget, would cause you to “love” your current home and stay?
  2. What home could a realtor show you that would meet your requirements and be in your price range that would cause you to “list” your current home and buy the new house?

Case in Point:  These two concepts made me think about so many of my clients who are struggling with “loving or listing” their current job.  If a job opportunity does not arise quickly after previewing and interviewing, what can one do to “love” the current job?

Here are 6 steps you can take to turn your current job into one you want to keep…

  1. Create a blueprint.  Take time to list out on paper what changes would make you happier at work – use your plan to take action steps to propel you forward.  Focusing on what you want is an energy booster and often results in exactly what you asked for.
  2. Deconstruct existing thinking.  What current thoughts and feelings about your work are contributing to bad feelings about your job and leading you to inaction?  What new thought could you use to replace the old thought that would lead you to a different way of feeling about your job which would result in positive action?  Only you can control your thoughts.
  3. Sharpen your saw.  Stephen Covey taught this principle.  Perfect your craft, be excellent at what you do currently at work and be proud.  It could lead to recognition or a promotion.
  4. Build new infrastructure.  Expand your relationships at work.  Take at least one person to lunch a week – preferably off campus.  Volunteer for company events and special community projects.  You will be surprised at the different perspectives there are on life at work and you may make some life-long friends and build your network.
  5. Keep hammering. Even when it seems like the job dissatisfaction will never end; make the decision to invest more of yourself than you anticipated so you can check off the items on your “job happiness” list as done.
  6. Home sweet home.  Take time to think about all the wonderful things about your job.  We often focus on the 3% of what we don’t like about our jobs. What about the 97% that is working for us?

Moral of the story: See if you can fall in love with your job all over again before you “list it.”

To Your Career Success,

Katie Weiser

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